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Supporting UK families in need

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In partnership with Family Action, we're championing FamilyLine for a better future

It’s important to think about those who may be struggling around us as we adapt and move forward during this time. That’s why we teamed up with Family Action to investigate the impact of the pandemic on families and steps that can be taken to ease their difficulties. 

Family Action have been building stronger families since 1869 and now work with 60,000 families through over 160 community-based services. Their national helpline, FamilyLine, provides support to adult family members on all aspects of family life issues via telephone, text message and email.

Our results were pretty interesting
Check them out in the ‘Family Resilience – The Impact of Covid-19’ report, based on a study of 4,000 UK adults with children under 18. The report revealed the extent to which the pandemic has affected our ability to cope with the normal ups and downs of family life, as well as those bigger setbacks.

Here are a few of our key findings:

62% of parents who said they needed support during the pandemic, including financial support, counselling or help from family or friends, have been unable to access it

Two in five parents say their mental health and wellbeing is worse than a year ago, with a third feeling less confident

One in 10 - around two million - feel less effective as a parent as a result and 16% say their relationship with their partner has deteriorated

One in five parents have experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic, with over one in four expecting their personal finances to get worse over the next year

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Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, FamilyLine has been stretched by the surge of families needing to use the service. That’s why we chose to partner with them for the next 3 years, to support their work and help them extend their capability to transform the lives of UK families facing challenges. 

How we’ll be championing FamilyLine: 

  • A financial donation to secure the continuation of the FamilyLive service and growth of new services
  • Volunteering opportunities for our people to sign up as a FamilyLine volunteers, befrienders or mentors
  • Fundraising events for our people, as well as charity matching the money they raise


Our big three recommendations from the report: 

  1. Encourage people across the country to share the pressures they’re facing, in order to provide support for each other and reduce some of the barriers to people seeking wider support. 
  2. Establish a societal recovery strategy that focuses on reducing inequalities deepened by COVID-19 and on helping the most vulnerable families in particular. 
  3. Build on the positive developments from the pandemic, such as digital support offers and initiatives to reduce the digital divide.

What our help provides
Our support means FamilyLine can reach thousands more vulnerable families by increasing the capacity of their helpline and introducing new services.

We created this report with Family Action to highlight the true impact of the pandemic on families and their ability to cope. As we approach one year on from the start of the pandemic, family resilience is being tested like never before and for many the next 12 months will prove just as, if not more, challenging. One of the most worrying findings is the number of parents who have struggled to access support. We hope that through our partnership with Family Action, we can do more to raise awareness of the support available for families who need some extra help right now and in the future.
Heather SmithManaging Director, LV=


Donate to Family Action

Family Action’s work is not possible without the generosity of supporters, a donation of any size can go a long way towards supporting families experiencing poverty, difficulties and social isolation throughout the country.

Donate to Family Action

Volunteer with FamilyLine

Family Action need a network of volunteers to grow their services to offer support for even more families. Your time could prove priceless with the families needing emotional support and guidance. 

Volunteer with FamilyLine

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