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Rainbow Home insurance

Rainbow Home offers wide ranging and flexible cover you can trust

Cover features

With broad cover for home owners, this comprehensive home insurance is sure to house your customer’s needs.

Here's what you need to know about Rainbow Home insurance:

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A house isn’t a home without the right cover, so welcome LV= Broker Rainbow Home insurance into your customers’ household.

  • Comprehensive cover
    Comprehensive contents sums insured for both general contents and high risk items - £100k and £40k respectively
  • Bicycle cover
    No reduced limit for pedal cycles at home (up to total sum insured)
  • Loss of keys cover
    No reduced limit for theft/loss of keys (up to total sum insured)
  • Trace and access
    High trace and access limit in the event of a leak in the home - £10k
  • Garden plant cover
    Cover for garden plants automatically included


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