25 tips to increase vehicle security and reduce risk of theft

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We've pulled together some vehicle security tips for you to share with your customers, helping keep their vehicles safe

Lower vehicle use shouldn't mean reduced focus on vehicle security for your customer's motor but it can happen. Download the following vehicle security guides to share today, we're sure your customers will appreciate you helping to look out for their pride and joy.

It’s easy for anyone to forget the simple things that can prevent theft during an extreme time such as a lockdown. Your customers may be unaware vehicle theft has increased 56% in four years. With many customers not taking regular journeys in their vehicles, they're often left on driveways all day and evening now too, allowing thieves to easily locate the vehicle they want to steal with the keys more than likely nearby in the owners house.

These tips could be just the reminder that your customers need to keep their car, van, motorcycle or motorhome secure.

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