Packing for a road trip
Be Prepared

Road trips – a guide to safe travels

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All the safety and prep tips your customers need to make the most of their staycations and road trip getaways

It’s great to get away but, when it comes to road trips, do your customers know how to prepare for a safe and stress-free journey? 

Road trips – a guide to safe travels

Car with cases on the roof

Get them in to gear with our info-packed guide, full of top tips and checklists, including: 

  • our pre-travel checklist 
  • how to make your road trip safe and stress-free 
  • what to do if your car breaks down 


Looking forward to your next family road trip but don’t know the right car seat to buy? Download and share our simple guide to child car seats to help your customers understand the laws and how to make travelling safer for kids.

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