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Road trips – a guide to safe travels

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All the safety and prep tips your customers need to fully enjoy their staycations and road trip getaways

Are your customers thinking about going on a road trip during school holidays or a bank holiday staycation? Make sure they’re geared up with the best top tips to stay safe on the road and get the most out of their holiday.

Road trips – a guide to safe travels

Car with cases on the roof

Help your customers enjoy a trouble-free journey by sharing our handy guide, packed full of useful info including:

  • getting your vehicle ready before setting off
  • emergency kits and travel essentials 
  • what to do if your car breaks down


Don’t leave just yet – because we know sat nav’s are a road trip essential, why not download and share our sat nav safety essentials guide with your customers too? Let’s steer them in the right direction with our useful tips for a safe drive while using satellite navigation. 

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