Claims farming

Let’s help protect your customers from fraud

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Do your customers know how to avoid claims farming or recognise a vishing call?

Claims flourish

With the rising cost of living, crafty scammers will attempt to take advantage of people's increased financial vulnerability.

So, we want to make sure you and your customers are aware of claims farming and the ever-growing fraudulent behaviour surrounding claims. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide packed full of useful info and advice to help keep your customers safe from scammers, including:

  • Insurance vishing – what is it and what to do if you think you’ve been vished
  • Why claims farmers could cost you money
  • How cold callers get people’s details



Let’s keep your customers safe from fraud

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Unfortunately claims farming isn’t the only type of fraud you and your customers should be aware of. Let’s fight fraud together with our shareable fraud articles, packed full of useful info and advice, they’re perfect for staff and your customers.

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