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12 ways to save on energy and fuel

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We know there’s no quick fix for the rising cost of living, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to help your customers reduce their energy and fuel usage.

Data shared by the Office for National Statistics shows around half (49%) of adults are using less fuel in their homes because of the rising cost of living, and also revealed that nearly 4 in 10 adults who pay energy bills said it was very or somewhat difficult to afford them.

Small acts as simple as leaving the TV on standby, or placing your foot on the accelerator, can cost more than people think. To help support your customers during this period, we’ve looked at different ways to help them save on their energy and fuel usage.

12 ways to save on energy and fuel

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Download and share our cost of living help guide – it’s packed full of:

  • home hacks to reduce energy usage
  • driving tips to save on fuel
  • carpooling suggestions your customers may want to consider

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