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Our environmental responsibility

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At LV=, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint

Our environmental strategy is regularly reviewed to make sure we do everything we can for a greener world.

We know a major part of our greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 came from energy consumption, business travel and paper use. That’s why we’re committed to the following targets by 2025:
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 100%

How will we achieve this?

Our journey to become greener

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  • We’re working together with our sites’ owners and energy suppliers to guarantee renewable power sources across all our UK sites
  • We’re moving towards digital communications and reducing paper usage in our offices
  • We’re cutting our water consumption and waste volumes, and reusing and recycling as much as possible


Other green initiatives 

  • Green Heart Standard
    The very first of its kind in the car insurance industry, our Green Heart Standard and its six principles are being implemented across our LV= repairer network to make sure our sole sites become more environmentally-friendly and have a positive social impact. Find out more about our Green Heart Standard.
  • Energy saving
    We’ve installed new and more sophisticated building, heating, cooling and power management systems in our offices to decrease energy usage and be more efficient.
  • Integrating best practices
    We're working to incorporate environmental, social and governance principles into supplier selection, development and ordering processes across LV= .
  • Carbon offsetting 
    LV= is carbon neutral in most of our operations by investing, as part of the Allianz Group, in projects that counterbalance our emissions. We currently contribute to carbon offsetting through Wildlife Works Carbon LLC, with an investment that supports forest protection in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and through Rimba Raya, a project in Indonesia to prevent the deforestation of peat swamp forest. 
  • Electric Vehicle insurance
    We offer comprehensive car insurance for electric vehicles – they’re on the rise and that’s another victory for the environment.
Watch this space to keep up to date as we develop more greener strategies and activities in the future – find out more here.  

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