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A refresher on renewal transparency and engagement

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Are you clear about the FCA rules on renewal transparency and engagement, which came into effect on 1 April 2017?

We've provided this guidance to help you avoid some of the implementation concerns highlighted by the regulator.

FCA rules on renewal transparency

All the information that should be included can be viewed here.


These rules were introduced to improve customer engagement with the renewal process and promote effective competition. They apply when a firm sends a general insurance renewal notice to a customer, with a duration of 10 months or more (group policies are not in scope).

Firms are expected to take into account the FCA's original consumer trials, which showed that disclosure is most effective when on the front page of the renewal notice.

Are you clear about the FCA rules on renewal transparency?

All the details in full

From our own advise to FCA sources, here's some more information

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