Clearing a windscreen
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Windscreen maintenance tips

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It’s getting frosty and your customers’ windscreens are at their most vulnerable

Help your customers keep their windscreens in tip-top shape this winter. No one wants unexpected costs, especially if they can be prevented, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help them take great care of their windscreens. 

Windscreen maintenance tips

Wintry car

Let’s make sure your customers are geared up with our guide packed with advice for:

  • De-icing your windscreen
  • Maintaining your windscreen wipers
  • Dealing with chips or cracks quickly 


The numbers game - windscreen repairs VS windscreen replacement*

  • Repairing a windscreen instead of replacing prevents 44kg of additional Co2.
  • Repairing a chipped windscreen instead of replacing reduces climate impact by 70%.
  • 82,849 windscreens were recycled last year - that's 1002 tonnes of landfill avoided.

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* LV= GI Claims data, Supplier Management, 2023

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