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Home subsidence – what are the real signs?

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Help your customers spot and prevent subsidence issues in their homes

Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground beneath a building with clay shrinkage and soil erosion as two of the biggest causes in the UK. But around half of homeowners don’t know what the real signs of subsidence are or take any precautions to protect their home, according to an LV=GI’s research¹.  

The graphic shows the percentage of people who spotted true and false signs of subsidence

We’re here to help your customers spot the real signs of subsidence and how to best tackle any issues.

home subsidence illustration

Share this guide with your homeowners and empower them to prevent and spot any signs of subsidence in their homes. Our handy guide includes:

  • Top tips to prevent subsidence 
  • Guidance on spotting the real signs 


Our approach to subsidence

  • Our Rainbow Home product offers subsidence cover as standard
  • We offer renewal on our own policies that have had a previous subsidence claim
  • We do not currently accept policies with previous subsidence claims at new business
  • Our excess for a subsidence claim is £1,000 – this is due to its complex nature and the variety of expertise required to assess and carry out this type of work 


Contact your account manager if you need more information or if you have any questions regarding our standard cover for subsidence.

¹ Research conducted by Opinium commissioned by LV= General Insurance on June 2021

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