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Surface water flood risk to England’s homes set to increase with new builds

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A 2022 report by LV= General Insurance and independent think tank Localis, revealed that as many as 25,550 new homes are set to be built in already highly urbanised areas or where more than 1% of homes are already at risk of flooding – this puts extra pressure on the drainage systems of existing homes, increasing the risk of surface water flooding. 

The same report also found that, even though flood impact assessments are required for this type of minor developments, there’s no legal obligation for a drainage strategy.

What’s more, data from LV= GI shows flooding claims from drains unable to cope increased by 211% between 2017-2021, representing 57% of all LV=’s flooding claims, with the average cost per claim standing at £32,000. 

What other numbers can we bring to the surface?

  • The amount of rain from extremely wet days has increased, adding even more pressure on drainage systems
  • 1 in 6 houses in England are already at risk of flooding
  • 28% of homeowners are worried their homes will flood this winter


More information on this data and its sources can be found in LV=’s full report.

How to plan for a flood

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Did you know you can help your customers spot high-risk flood areas? Share our guide with your owners today and help them prepare and prevent further damage to their homes. 

What’s the home of the future look like?

LV= has also partnered with interior designer Gaby Blackman and flooding expert Dr Jess Neumann to design a ‘Flood-Proof Home of the Future’.  

Flooded house plan 

The house has been designed to highlight the issue of flooding by showcasing the extreme measures that may be needed to protect homes in future. It features buoyant foundations, allowing it to float like a boat, a rooftop garden with water absorbing plants and a U-shaped garage roof to collect water. 

A steeped garden and protective flood barriers (that automatically activate when water is detected) guard the house’s exterior, while the interior features flood-proof soft furnishings, no electrical equipment below waist height and a kitchen at the top of the house. 


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For an extra handful of top tips to help protect your customers’ homes and motor when storms and floods are expected, head out to our be prepared guide

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