Be Prepared

Help home owners and renters get the right cover for their home contents insurance

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Stay alert to the pitfalls of underinsurance for your customers

Make sure your customers are fully protected

When home owners and renters get a contents insurance quote, it may be tempting for them to guess the value of their contents – especially if they’re unsure how to calculate that magic number. *

By following our handy tips, they don’t need to be mathematicians to value their home contents and can feel confident they’ll get their sum insured or blanket level of cover right. This will make sure your customers are fully protected in the event they need to make a claim. 

Help homeowners and renters choose the product that’s right for their needs by sending them our handy tips and tools for valuating their contents.

Our home products have blanket cover limits, which are tiered for each of our offerings. Keep an eye out for index linking features to account for inflation.

* LV= Broker is not responsible for the contents sum insured figure determined by a policyholder and customers should still check to make sure the cover afforded by the policy is sufficient to meet their insurance needs.

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