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Car theft at all-time high

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Car theft is at an all-time high, with keyless models being the easiest to steal, according to new data from LV= General Insurance (LV= GI).

Between 2021-2022, thefts have increased by 59%* and are expected to be even higher by the end of 2023. 

According to LV=’s claims data between September 2021-2023, Lexus tops the charts with thefts rising by 513%, followed by Toyota (103%), Hyundai (81%) and Kia (76%). Some of the most targeted models include the Tucson, which made up 45% of Hyundai thefts, the Sportage, which made up 45% of KIA thefts and the RX (54%) and NX (21%) models, which account for the most Lexus thefts so far in 2023. The RAV-4 made up 47% of Toyota thefts, and if overall thefts continue at the same rate so far this year, 2023 is projected to be 28% higher than 2022.

One of the problems surrounding keyless cars is that thieves can easily buy devices online, enabling them to steal a car in a matter of seconds by either starting the engine without keys, coding, or breaking in. The recent uplift in theft is down to a relatively inexpensive device that can be found online, which is plugged into the back of a car’s headlights and will unlock and start the car in seconds.

In addition to the rise, the top hit list areas according to LV= are: 

  • Birmingham 
  • London 
  • Sheffield 
  • Manchester 
  • Liverpool 
  • Romford 
  • Stockport 
  • Chelmsford 
  • Coventry 

* LV= General Insurance motor claims data 

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