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Home thefts may increase during Coronation weekend

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Ahead of street parties across the UK, make sure your customers are aware of a potential spike in thefts and know how to keep their homes safe and secure

With the King’s Coronation fast approaching, the nation is preparing to take to the streets to celebrate for the first time since 1953. Brits will also be able to watch the historical occasion unfold with friends and family, and many will be holding street parties. 

However, with households left unoccupied for the long weekend, it’s possible we’ll see an increase in home thefts up and down the country. 

According to fresh data from LV=, home thefts increased by 36% during the Jubilee weekend last year compared to the same weekend in 2021*. Monday 6 June 2022 also saw a significant spike for home thefts, increasing by 238% compared the same date the previous year. This suggests thieves may target households that are unoccupied on the days following the Coronation weekend, or during parties.  

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There are lots of things your customers can do to make their homes secure. Help your homeowners prevent a break-in by sharing our comprehensive security guide with some useful tips and tricks to put off potential intruders. 

* LV= General Insurance Home claims data covering 2021 and 2022.