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Subsidence and fire claims on the rise due to extreme weather

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The record temperatures we’re seeing this year are taking its toll on homes across the UK

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LV= is currently dealing with high claims costs following the extreme heat and fire related incidents between 17 and 20 July 2022. 

Most of the claims were caused by a fire starting in a nearby open area or heathland which spread into homeowners’ gardens. Many claims involved the loss of garages, fences, greenhouses, sheds and tools, garden furniture and decking as well as lost trees, shrubs and flowers. Devastatingly, 8% of claims involved the total loss of a home. 

In one case, a mirror which had been discarded and left in the garden was the cause for the fire related incident. The sun’s rays reflected off the mirror and onto a wheelie bin, which caught fire and spread across the garden and back of the house. In other cases, compost heaps also helped fuel the fire, because of its highly flammable substance. 

Fire claims aren’t the only peril to increase due to the heat. Between June and July this year alone, subsidence cases have risen 205%. With hose pipe bans on the horizon and the soil already incredibly dry, August could see a spike similar to 2018 where claims rose 51% from the previous year due to exceptionally hot weather. 

Although we can’t make it rain, you can help your customers prevent subsidence and fires in their homes by sharing our handy guides.

*This article was published in August 2022

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