Brexit and Green Cards update

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Brexit and Green Cards update

Now that Britain has left the EU we want to update you on the latest position and how this will affect you and your customers

Whilst a trade deal has been agreed with the EU and most of our policies are not affected by Brexit, if your customer has a motor policy and they plan to drive to or from Europe, you’ll find there are some changes. 

As of 1 January 2021, if your customer is planning to drive their vehicle abroad (including to the Republic of Ireland), they’ll require a Green Card to demonstrate that they’ve appropriate insurance cover in place. The information provided below sets out how you’re able to provide your customer with Green Card documentation, in addition to responding to some of the more frequently asked questions that you may have. 

You should already have the ability to issue your LV= Broker policyholders with a Green Card to travel to the EU via the LV= Broker Portal. Full details can be found in the LV= Broker Portal user guide

Our broker Portal solution was developed early into the Brexit process in the event that Green Cards might be required once the UK leaves the EU, and as such this is already an established and frequently used solution.

How do I issue a Green Card for a LV= Broker Policyholder?
Full details on how to issue a Green Card using our system can be found in the LV= Broker Portal user guide. The system is quick and simple to use and allows an electronic version of the Green Card to be produced. This can either be emailed directly to the policyholder for them to print, or printed and posted to them by you.

Following advice from the MIB, it’s been confirmed that printing Green Cards will now be easier:

  • Green Cards can now be printed in black ink on ordinary white paper
  • Green Cards can now be printed either double, or single sided
  • Green Cards can be sent out electronically, although policyholders must print and carry a hard copy when travelling abroad


Do I need to do anything different for policyholders based in Northern Ireland?
Green Cards are required for travel within all areas of the EU including the Republic of Ireland and therefore any UK policyholders wishing to cross the border will be required to carry a Green Card document.

How long can I issue a Green Card for?
Green Cards must be issued for a minimum of 15 days; however, we recommend that you issue them from the date of request through to the end of the current policy period.

It’s also possible for you to issue a Green Card via the broker Portal for the full period of a policy i.e. either at new business or renewal confirmation. By adopting the issue of an annual Green Card, you’ll remove the need for your policyholders to request a Green Card each time they travel during the policy period.   

What LV= Broker webpages can I send my customer towards if they ask about Brexit?
You can direct your customers to

Continuously improving – The EU Commission are still reviewing the UK’s continuation in the green card free circulation area, however until this review is complete, UK based motorists will need to carry Green Cards. We’ll continue to monitor this position and provide appropriate updates.

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